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-section: Documentation and Help 
-permalink: /​FAQ-tutorialsstar 
-date: 2014-06-10 
-# Tutorials, etc., for TeX-based systems 
-From a situation where every (La)TeX user _had_ to buy a book 
-if she was not to find herself groping blindly along, we now have what 
-almost amounts to an embarrassment of riches of online documentation. 
-The following answers attempt to create lists of sources ''​by topic''​. 
-First we have introductory manuals, for 
-[Plain TeX](/​FAQ-man-tex) and [LaTeX](/​FAQ-man-latex). 
-Next comes a selection of 
-[''​specialised''​ (La)TeX tutorials](/​FAQ-tutbitslatex),​ 
-each of which concentrates on a single LaTeX topic. 
-A small selection of reference documents (it would be good to have 
-more) are listed in an [answer of their own](/​FAQ-ref-doc). 
-Next comes the (somewhat newer) field of  
-[TeX-related WIKIs](/​FAQ-doc-wiki). 
-A rather short list gives us a  
-[Typography style tutorial](/​FAQ-typo-style). 
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