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-title: Where to find FAQs 
-category: documentation 
-permalink: /​FAQ-whereFAQ 
-date: 2014-06-10 
-# Where to find FAQs 
-Bobby Bodenheimer'​s article, from which this FAQ was developed, used 
-to be posted (nominally monthly) to newsgroup 
-`comp.text.tex`. The (long 
-obsolete) last posted copy of that article is kept on CTAN for 
-auld lang syne. 
-The sources of the present FAQ 
-are available from CTAN. 
-This FAQ and others are regularly mentioned, on 
-`comp.text.tex` and elsewhere, in a ''​pointer FAQ''​ 
-which is also saved at [http://​tug.org/​tex-ptr-faq](http://​tug.org/​tex-ptr-faq). 
-A 2006 innovation from Scott Pakin is the ''​visual''​ LaTeX FAQ. 
-This is a document with (mostly rubbish) text formatted so as to 
-highlight things we discuss here, and providing Acrobat hyper-links to 
-the relevant answers in this FAQ on the Web.  The visual 
-FAQ is provided in PDF format, on CTAN; it works 
-best using Adobe Acrobat Reader 7 (or later); some features are 
-missing with other readers, or with earlier versions of Acrobat Reader 
-Another excellent information source, available in English, is the 
-[(La)TeX navigator](http://​tex.loria.fr). 
-Both the Francophone TeX user group Gutenberg and the Czech/​Slovak 
-user group CS-TUG have published translations of this FAQ, with 
-extensions appropriate to their languages. 
-The Open Directory Project (ODP) maintains a list of sources of 
-(La)TeX help, including FAQs.  View the TeX area at 
-Other non-English FAQs are available (off-CTAN): 
-- German Posted regularly to `de.comp.tex`,​ and archived 
-  on CTAN; the FAQ also appears at 
-  [http://​www.dante.de/​faq/​de-tex-faq/​]([http://​www.dante.de/​faq/​de-tex-faq/​) 
-- French 
-  A FAQ used to be posted regularly to 
-  `fr.comp.text.tex`,​ and is archived on CTAN&​nbsp;&​mdash;​ 
-  sadly, that effort seems to have fallen by the wayside. 
-- Czech See [https://​www.fi.muni.cz/​cstug/​csfaq/​](https://​www.fi.muni.cz/​cstug/​csfaq/​) 
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