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# Top-aligning imported graphics

When TeX sets a line of anything, it ensures that the base-line of each object in the line is at the same level as the base-line of the final object. (Apart, of course, from `\raisebox` commands…)

Most imported graphics have their base-line set at the bottom of the picture. When using packages such as [`subfig`](https://ctan.org/pkg/subfig), one often wants to align figures by their tops. The following odd little bit of code does this: <!– {% raw %} –> ```latex \vtop{%


} ``` <!– {% endraw %} –> The `\vtop` primitive sets the base-line of the resulting object to that of the first line in it; the `\vskip` creates the illusion of an empty line, so `\vtop` makes the very top of the box into the base-line.

In cases where the graphics are to be aligned with text, there is a case for making the base-line one ex-height below the top of the box, as in: <!– {% raw %} –> ```latex \vtop{%


} ``` <!– {% endraw %} –> A more LaTeX-y way of doing the job (somewhat inefficiently) uses the [`calc`](https://ctan.org/pkg/calc) package: ```latex \usepackage{calc} … \raisebox{1ex-\height}{\includegraphics{figure}} ``` (this has the same effect as the text-align version, above).

The fact is, _you_ may choose where the base-line ends up. This answer merely shows you sensible choices you might make.

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