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# Accented words aren't hyphenated

TeX's algorithm for hyphenation gives up when it encounters an `\accent` command; there are good reasons for this, but it means that quality typesetting in non-English languages can be difficult.

For TeX macro packages, you can avoiding the effect by using an appropriately encoded font (for example, a Cork-encoded font — see [the EC fonts](FAQ-ECfonts.md)) which contains accented letters as single glyphs. LaTeX users can achieve this end simply by adding the command ```latex


``` to the preamble of their document. Other encodings (notably LY1, once promoted by Y&Y inc) may be used in place of T1. Indeed, most current 8-bit TeX font encodings will work with the relevant sets of hyphenation patterns.

With the advance of XeTeX and LuaTeX to the mainstream, a new regime for generating hyphenation tables is in place. For each language, a table is written in Unicode, and 8-bit versions are generated for use with various LaTeX font encodings. Original sets of patterns remain on CTAN, for use when an older environment is needed.

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