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-====== Alternative head- and footlines in LaTeX ====== 
-The standard LaTeX document classes define a small set of "page 
-styles"​ which specify head- and footlines for your document (though 
-they can be used for other purposes, too).  The standard set is very 
-limited, but LaTeX is capable of much more.  The internal 
-LaTeX coding needed to change page styles is not particularly 
-challenging,​ but there'​s no need --- there are packages that provide 
-useful abstractions that match the way we typically think about these 
-The [[ctanpkg>​fancyhdr|fancyhdr]] package provides 
-simple mechanisms for defining pretty much every head- or footline 
-variation you could want; the directory also contains some 
-documentation and one or two smaller packages. ​ [[ctanpkg>​Fancyhdr|Fancyhdr]] ​ 
-also deals with the tedious behaviour of the standard styles with 
-[[FAQ-nopageno|initial pages]], by enabling you to define 
-different page styles for initial and for body pages. 
-The [[ctanpkg>​scrlayer-scrpage|scrlayer-scrpage]] 
-package provides another approach to controlling page headers 
-and footers. ​ Use this package instead of [[ctanpkg>​fancyhdr|fancyhdr]] 
-for improved integration with the [[ctanpkg>​koma-script|KOMA-script]] classes. 
-[[ctanpkg>​Memoir|Memoir]] also contains the functionality of [[ctanpkg>​fancyhdr|fancyhdr]],​ 
-and has several predefined styles. 
-//Source:// [[faquk>​FAQ-fancyhdr|Alternative head- and footlines in LaTeX]] 
-metatag-og:​title=(Alternative head- and footlines in LaTeX) 
-metatag-og:​site_name=(FAQ LaTeX francophone) 
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