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-====== Que veut dire l'​erreur:​ ''​Missing $ inserted'' ​? (//TeX//) ======+====== Que signifie ​l'​erreur: « Missing $ inserted » ? ====== 
 +  * **Message**: ''​Missing $ inserted''​ 
 +  * **Origine**: ​//TeX//.
 <​latex>​\TeX{}</​latex>​ a rencontré quelque chose qui n'est autorisé qu'en mode mathématique <​latex>​\TeX{}</​latex>​ a rencontré quelque chose qui n'est autorisé qu'en mode mathématique
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 ----- -----
-//Source:// https://​latex.developpez.com/​faq/​erreurs?​page=M 
 +There are certain things that //only// work in maths mode.  If your
 +document is not in maths mode and you have an ''​_''​ or a ''​^''​ character,
 +TeX (and by inheritance,​ LaTeX too) will say
 +! Missing $ inserted
 +as if you couldn'​t possibly have misunderstood the import of what you
 +were typing, and the only possible interpretation is that you had
 +committed a typo in failing to enter maths mode.  TeX, therefore,
 +tries to patch things up by inserting the ''​$''​ you "​forgot",​ so that
 +the maths-only object will work; as often as not this will land you in
 +further confusion.
 +It's not just the single-character maths sub- and superscript
 +operators: anything that's built in or declared as a maths operation,
 +from the simplest lower-case ''​\alpha''​ through the inscrutable
 +''​\mathchoice''​ primitive, and beyond, will provoke the error if
 +misused in text mode.
 +LaTeX offers a command ''​\ensuremath'',​ which will put you in maths
 +mode for the execution of its argument, if necessary: so if you want
 +an ''​\alpha''​ in your running text, say
 +''​\ensuremath{\alpha}'';​ if the bit of running text somehow
 +transmutes into a bit of mathematics,​ the ''​\ensuremath''​ will become
 +a no-op, so it's pretty much always safe.
 +  * [[faquk>​FAQ-nodollar|"​Missing `$` inserted"​]],​
 +  * [[https://​latex.developpez.com/​faq/​erreurs?​page=M]],​
 +  * [[https://​www.latex-project.org/​help/​books/#​french|LaTeX Companion, 2e édition]], Frank Mittelbach, Michel Goossens, Johannes Braams, David Carlisle, Chris Rowley (Pearson, 2006) ; ISBN: 978-2-7440-7182-9. Annexe B, //Détecter et résoudre les problèmes//,​ reproduite avec l'​aimable autorisation de l'​éditeur.
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-metatag-og:​title=(Que ​veut dire l'​erreur:​ Missing $ inserted ?)+metatag-og:​title=(Que ​signifie ​l'​erreur:​ Missing $ inserted ?)
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