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-title: "​Missing number, treated as zero" 
-category: errors 
-permalink: /FAQ-nonum 
-date: 2014-06-10 
-In general, this means you've tried to assign something to a count, 
-dimension or skip register that isn't (in TeX's view of things) a 
-number. ​ Usually the problem will become clear using the 
-[ordinary techniques of examining errors](FAQ-erroradvice). 
-Two LaTeX-specific errors are commonly aired on the newsgroups. 
-The commonest arises from attempting to use an example from the 
-[_The LaTeX Companion_ (first edition)](FAQ-latex-books),​ and is 
-exemplified by the following error text: 
-! Missing number, treated as zero. 
-<to be read again> ​ 
-                   ​\relax ​ 
-l.21 \begin{Ventry}{Return values} 
-The problem arises because, in its first edition, the 
-_Companion_'​s examples always assumed that the [`calc`](https://​ctan.org/​pkg/​calc) 
-package is loaded: this fact is mentioned in the book, but often not 
-noticed. ​ The remedy is to load the [`calc`](https://​ctan.org/​pkg/​calc) package in any 
-document using such examples from the _Companion_. ​ (The problem 
-does not really arise with the second edition; copies of all the 
-examples are available on the accompanying CD-ROM, or on 
-The other problem, which is increasingly rare nowadays, arises from 
-misconfiguration of a system that has been upgraded from LaTeX 2.09: 
-the document uses the [`times`](https://​ctan.org/​pkg/​times) package, and the error appears 
-at `\begin{document}`. ​ The file search paths are wrongly set 
-up, and your `\usepackage{times}` has picked up a LaTeX 2.09 
-version of the package, which in its turn has invoked another which 
-has no equivalent in LaTeX2e. ​ The obvious solution is to rewrite 
-the paths so that LaTeX 2.09 packages are chosen only as a last resort 
-so that the startlingly simple LaTeX2e [`times`](https://​ctan.org/​pkg/​times) package will 
-be picked up.  Better still is to replace the whole thing with 
-something more modern still; current [`psnfss`](https://​ctan.org/​pkg/​psnfss) doesn'​t provide 
-a [`times`](https://​ctan.org/​pkg/​times) package&​nbsp;&​mdash;​ the alternative [`mathptmx`](https://​ctan.org/​pkg/​mathptmx) 
-incorporates `Times`-like mathematics,​ and a sans-serif face 
-based on `Helvetica`,​ but scaled to match `Times` 
-text rather better. 
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