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-section: The joy of TeX errors 
-date: 2014-06-10 
-# Not in outer par mode 
-For example: 
-! LaTeX Error: Not in outer par mode. 
-The error comes when you try to build something movable inside a box. 
-Movable things, in this context, are floating environments 
-(`figure` and `table`, for example), and 
-`\marginpar`s. ​ LaTeX simply doesn'​t have the mechanisms for 
-floating out of boxes. ​ In fact, floats and `\marginpar`s 
-themselves are built out of boxes, so that they can't be nested. 
-If your error arises from `\marginpar`,​ you simply have to think of 
-an alternative way of placing the command; there is no slick solution. 
-If a floating environment is the culprit, it may be possible to use 
-the `H` placement option, provided (for example) by the 
-[`float`](https://​ctan.org/​pkg/​float) package: 
-<!-- {% raw %} --> 
-  \begin{figure}[H] 
-  ... 
-  \caption{Apparently floating...} 
-  \end{figure}% 
-<!-- {% endraw %} --> 
-This example makes little sense as it stands; however, it is 
-conceivable that sane uses could be found (for example, using a 
-package such as [`algorithm2e`](https://​ctan.org/​pkg/​algorithm2e) to place two algorithms 
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