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-title: Capitalisation in BibTeX 
-category: bibliographies 
-permalink: /​FAQ-capbibtex 
-date: 2014-06-10 
-The standard BibTeX bibliography styles impose fixed ideas about 
-the capitalisation of titles of things in the bibliography. ​ While 
-this is not unreasonable by BibTeX'​s lights (the rules come from 
-the _Chicago Manual of Style_) it can be troublesome,​ since 
-BibTeX fails to recognise special uses (such as acronyms, chemical 
-formulae, etc.). 
-The solution is to enclose the letter or letters, whose capitalisation 
-BibTeX should not touch, in braces, as: 
-title = {The {THE} operating system}, 
-Sometimes you find BibTeX changing the case of a single letter 
-inappropriately. ​ No matter: the technique can be applied to single 
-letters, as in: 
-title = {Te{X}niques and tips}, 
-If your document design specification requires a different style of 
-capitalisation,​ you should acquire a bibliography style that doesn'​t 
-enforce BibTeX'​s default rules. ​ It is definitely _not_ a good 
-idea to enclose an entire title in braces, as in 
-title = {{TeXniques and tips}}, 
-though that does ensure that the capitalisation is not changed. ​ Your 
-BibTeX database should be a general-purpose thing, not something 
-tuned to the requirements of a particular document or bibliography 
-style, or to the way you are thinking today&​nbsp;&​mdash;​ for example, on a 
-future occasion, you might find yourself using a different BibTeX 
-style with different capitalisation rules. 
-There'​s more on the subject in the 
-[BibTeX documentation](FAQ-BibTeXing). 
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