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-date: 2014-06-10 
-# Sorting and compressing citations 
-If you give LaTeX 
-`\cite{fred,​joe,​harry,​min}`,​ its default commands could give 
-something like ''​[2,​6,​4,​3]'';​ 
-this looks awful. ​ One can of course get the things in order by 
-rearranging the keys in the `\cite` command, but who wants to do 
-that sort of thing for no more improvement than ''​[2,​3,​4,​6]''?​ 
-The [`cite`](https://​ctan.org/​pkg/​cite) package sorts the numbers and detects consecutive 
-sequences, so creating ''​[2&​ndash;​4,​6]''​. ​ The [`natbib`](https://​ctan.org/​pkg/​natbib) package, 
-with the `numbers` and `sor & ompress` options, will 
-do the same when working with its own numeric bibliography styles 
-(`plainnat.bst` and `unsrtnat.bst`). 
-The package [`biblatex`](https://​ctan.org/​pkg/​biblatex) has a built-in style 
-[`numeric-comp`](https://​ctan.org/​pkg/​biblatex) for its bibliographies. 
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