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-section: How do I do&​hellip;?​ 
-subsection: Floating tables, figures, etc. 
-permalink: /​FAQ-mcfloat.html 
-date: 2014-06-10 
-# Floats in multicolumn setting 
-If you use 
-  ... 
-in a `multicols` environment,​ the figure won't appear. ​ If 
-instead you use 
-  ... 
-the figure will stretch right across the page (just the same as a 
-`figure*` in standard LaTeX'​s `twocolumn` option). 
-It's possible to have single-column figures and tables with captions, 
-using the `[H]` placement option introduced by the [`float`](https://​ctan.org/​pkg/​float) 
-package but you might have to fiddle with the placement because they 
-won't ''​float'',​ and exhibit other strange behaviours (such as silently 
-running off the end of the column at the end of the 
-`multicols` environment). 
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