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-====== DVI to PostScript conversion programs ====== 
-The best public domain DVI to PostScript conversion program, which 
-runs under many operating systems, is Tom Rokicki'​s ''​dvips''​. 
-''​dvips''​ is written in C and ports easily. ​ All current 
-development is in the context of Karl Berry'​s ''​kpathsea''​ 
-library, and sources are available from the TeX Live repository, 
-and versions are available in all TeX distributions that recognise 
-the use of PostScript. 
-An VMS versions is available as part of the CTAN 
-distribution of TeX for VMS. 
-A precompiled version to work with emTeX is available on CTAN. 
-//Source:// [[faquk>​FAQ-dvips|DVI to PostScript conversion programs]] 
-metatag-og:​title=(DVI to PostScript conversion programs) 
-metatag-og:​site_name=(FAQ LaTeX francophone) 
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