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-====== TeXCAD, a drawing package for LaTeX ====== 
-TeXCAD is a program for the PC which enables the user to draw diagrams 
-on screen using a mouse or arrow keys, with an on-screen menu of available ​ 
-picture-elements. Its output is code for the LaTeX 
-''​picture''​ environment. ​ 
-Optionally, it can be set to include lines at all angles using  
-the emTeX driver-family 
-TeXCAD is part of the emTeX distribution. 
-A Unix port of the program (''​xtexcad''​) has been made. 
-//Source:// [[faquk>​FAQ-texcad|TeXCAD,​ a drawing package for LaTeX]] 
-metatag-og:​title=(TeXCAD,​ a drawing package for LaTeX) 
-metatag-og:​site_name=(FAQ LaTeX francophone) 
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