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-====== DVI previewers ====== 
-EmTeX for PCs running MS-DOS or OS/2, MiKTeX and XEmTeX for PCs 
-running Windows and OzTeX for the Macintosh, all come with previewers 
-that can be used on those platforms. EmTeX'​s previewer can also be 
-run under Windows 3.1. 
-Commercial PC TeX packages (see [[faquk>​FAQ-commercial|commercial vendors]]) 
-have good previewers for PCs running Windows, or for Macintoshes. 
-For Unix systems, there is one "​canonical"​ viewer, ''​xdvi''​. 
-''​Xdvik''​ is a version of ''​xdvi''​ using the ''​web2c''​ libraries; 
-it is now built from the same distribution as ''​xdvi''​. 
-The TeX Live distributions for Unix systems include a version of ''​xdvik''​. 
-Alternatives to previewing include: 
-  * conversion to "​similar"​ ASCII text (see [[faquk>​FAQ-toascii|converting to ASCII]]) and using a conventional text viewer to look at that, 
-  * generating a PostScript version of your document and viewing it with a [[https://​www.ghostscript.com/​|GhostScript]]-based previewer (see [[faquk>​FAQ-PSpreview|previewing PostScript files]]), 
-  * generating PDF output, and viewing that with [[https://​get.adobe.com/​fr/​reader/​|Acrobat Reader]] or one of the substitutes for that. 
-  * [[faquk>​FAQ-previewers|DVI previewers]] 
-{{htmlmetatags>​metatag-keywords=(LaTeX,​fichier DVI,​visualisateur DVI,device independant,​imprimer un fichier DVI) 
-metatag-og:​title=(DVI previewers) 
-metatag-og:​site_name=(FAQ LaTeX francophone) 
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