Making hypertext documents from TeX

If you want on-line hypertext with a (La)TeX source, probably on the World Wide Web, there are four technologies to consider:

- start from (La)TeX, and use one of a number of techniques to

  translate (more or less) directly to

- Start from ''texinfo'' source,

  and use the ''info'' viewer, or convert the [[ctanpkg>texinfo|texinfo]]
  source to HTML using ''texi2html'';

- Start from (La)TeX; use pdfTeX, XeTeX or LuaTeX to

  produce PDF, using [[ctanpkg>hyperref|hyperref]] to construct

- Start from (unconventional) (La)TeX which use the

  [[FAQ-hypertex|hyperTeX conventions]].

Source: Making hypertext documents from TeX

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